We offer a number of different membership options. A PDF copy of the Membership Application form can be downloaded here.

Examples of membership websites can be found here.

Which Membership is Right for Me?

  • Standard – you want to support us, attend meetings, vote, and possibly one day join the committee.
  • Coven Member – as for Standard, your coven already has a website with us, but you would like your own Word Press and email accounts.
  • Coven Leader – as for Standard, plus you run a coven and would like a website.


Standard Membership £10
Coven Member £15
Coven Leader £30

Standard Membership

  • The right to be considered for appointment to the committee.
  • The right to attend meetings and vote as laid out in the constitution.

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Coven Member

As for the standard membership.

An associated Coven Leader membership will have already been purchased by the coven, and so a coven website will already exist.

  • 1 forwarding email address at an existing coven sub domain.
  • 1 additional Word Press account at an existing coven sub domain.

This category of membership will require you to sign a copy of our terms and conditions covering the use of our Internet services.

Email addresses are subject to availability. Both email and Word Press accounts are subject to approval by the holder of the Coven Leader Membership for that website. The level of the Word Press account Subscriber, Contributer, Author, Editor or Administrator will be determined by a holder of an existing administrator account for the site. Either the holder of the original Coven Leader Membership or another holder of an administrator account.

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Coven Leader

As for the standard membership.

In additional you also get a Coven website. Covens only need one member to have a membership of this type. All additional coven members should purchase the Coven Member class of membership if they wish to have additional Word Press accounts. Multiple users can use the same Word Press account, but the person who signed the usage agreement will be liable for breaches of the terms and conditions.

Details of an existing member’s website, as well as a number of demonstration sites can be found here. Website Examples.

  • Setup of a Word Press website at
  • 1 administrator account to login and maintain the website.
  • 8 forwarding email addresses …
  • Support for registered domain names instead of a sub domain at

It is assumed the forwarding addresses will be used for:

  • The coven leaders own name.
  • A generic account for contacting the coven.
  • Officer accounts, such as

For example you could register:

(lord, lady, north, south, east, west, contact, your-name) or (highpriest, highpriestess, your-name, and still have five addresses left). But this is left up to you to decide.

This category of membership will require you to sign a copy of our terms and conditions covering the use of our Internet services.

Sub domains names are subject to availability and approval. Websites are limited to 1GB of storage for file and database use. Use of a registered domain name requires you to point the domain to our name servers. Websites do NOT support e-commerce software or the encryption that would be required to accept payments. However advertising products and linking to an external website such as Etsy for purchase and payment is allowed.

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