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Look for our logo on websites that are run or sponsored by the Cochrane Institute.

Our Projects


Our primary project site is Coven.Wiki, a wiki of local covens, groups, and folklore. Due to launch sometime in the next 18 months.

Local Covens, Groups, and Folklore. Coven.Wiki
Local Covens, Groups, and Folklore.

Hosted Coven Websites

We also provide hosting as an additional service to some categories of members. More details can be found on our Membership page, and links to both an example members website and a number of demonstration sites can be found on the Member’s Sites page.

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Sponsored Projects

We sponsor projects that we feel further the aims of the Institute. The first such project to receive sponsorship is the Witchcraft.Wiki family of websites.

All names and logos of external projects are the property of their respective copyright holders.

The Witchcraft.Wiki Project

Scheduled to launch sometime around Beltaine 2017 these sites already contain over 300 articles and over 200 original photographs. Due in no small part to the author being one of the local suppliers of custom and antique Traditional Witchcraft items, from mammoth bone handled damascus knives, stangs, and custom fetishes.

The Primary Site – Witchcraft.Wiki

The Witchcraft.Wiki project contains three websites. The primary site is the most interesting it as a Cochrane’s Craft Wiki and the largest of the three sites.

The free Cochrane's Craft encyclopedia. Witchcraft.Wiki
The free Cochrane’s Craft encyclopedia.

Books.Witchcraft.Wiki and Media.Witchcraft.Wiki

The remaining two sites contain general material. Books.Witchcraft.Wiki contains public domain books on witchcraft and Media.Witchcraft.Wiki contains media. These intention of these two sites is to provide central resources for the main site Witchcraft.Wiki and our own Wiki’s, principally Coven.Wiki.

Public domain books on Witchcraft. Books.Witchcraft.Wiki
Public domain books on Witchcraft.
Public domain and licensed images. Media.Witchcraft.Wiki
Public domain and licensed images.


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